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Greeting of the Governor of Smolensk region

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

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Let me heartily greet all those people who showed genuine interest in our ancient, heroic land, those who are willing to use their abilities and ideas for prosperity of Smolensk.

Being the Western gate of Russia, Smolensk has a glorious page in the history of our nation written with fire and blood of its defenders, their daring spirit, brilliant mind and skillful hands.

For centuries Smolensk has been a revivifying stream of power and wisdom of Russian people feeding both the Slavic culture and statehood. Citizens of Smolensk are courageous and hard-working, resilient and kind-hearted people who contribute to the glory of their land, faithfully keeping its traditions and remembering its heroes.

A galaxy of eminent scientists, writers and poets, artists and musicians, military commanders and public figures were natives of the Smolensk Region. The names of Grigoriy Potyomkin, Pavel Nakhimov, Aleksander Tvardovskiy, Mikhail Isakovskiy, Nikolay Przhevalskiy, Mikhail Glinka and the first world astronaut Yuriy Gagarin were engraved in the Russian history.

The unique geographical location of the region provides all the necessary prerequisites for development and implementation of investment projects. Smolensk actively develops cooperation with foreign partners in trade, science, technology and culture.

The vast territory, power supply, technical and intellectual potential create favourable conditions for the development of logistics in the region.

Smolensk is an important transportation and communication hub with the shortest highways and railways running from Central Russia to Europe.

The regional industry provides large-scale investment opportunities, with the agricultural sector also looking attractive for potential investors. 

The development of touristic infrastructure plays an important role for Russian and international tourism. Boasting its beautiful nature, rich historical heritage, ancient towns, architectural monuments and museums, Smolensk has become a hospitable home for visitors and investors.

Friendliness and hospitality of the Smolensk citizens, rich history and bright modern life make visitors’ stay here not only useful but also highly enjoyable. 

Let me invite potential investors to the Smolensk Region. I wish all business community prosperity and successful implementation of investment projects. 

Welcome to the Smolensk Region!
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