Стройка.jpgThe Construction complex of the Smolensk region comprises such large-scale organizations, which reached in 2013 the best indices on putting residential buildings into service, as LLC Real Estate Agency “Garant-Zhilyo”, CJSC “Smolstrom – Service”, Group of Companies JSC “Grazhdanstroy”, LLC Finance and Industrial Company “Megapolis”, CJSC “Vash dom”.

In 2013 the total volume of work carried out in the “Construction” field in the region amounted to 25 343.7 million rubles or 88.8% to this index in 2012.

Construction of new residential buildings is the main priority of the construction complex in the Smolensk region. Considerable attention is paid to such issues as improvement of the building lay-out, architecture and design, upgrading of living environment and provision of amenities, increasing economic efficiency of exploitation.

As of year-end 2013 410.5 thousand square meters of residential buildings were put into service which, in turn, makes up 152.8 percent to the corresponding period of 2012. 201.5 thousand square meters of the overall area of residential buildings (49.1 percent of the overall area) were build by organizations with different forms of ownership. Individual building owners constructed 1755 buildings within the period under review, which in all makes up 209 thousand square meters.

Financial support is provided from the regional budget to local government bodies of the Smolensk region on working out documents of land-use planning in order to create favourable conditions for the development of residential construction and to foster overall complex development of the region.

Within the frames of implementation of the priority national project “Affordable and comfortable accommodation for the citizens of Russia” in the Smolensk region, the targeted regional programme “Development of the residential construction in the Smolensk region” for 2011-2015 (hereinafter referred to as the Regional programme) was adopted with the bylaw of 04.07.2011 No 372 issued by the Administration of the Smolensk region. The main goal of this programme is to ensure annual increase of the construction volume and of affordable and comfortable housing which is put into service, including low-income housing.

The main targets of the Regional programme are the following:

- decrease of administrative barriers in construction;
- compliance with all social guarantees on the support provided to citizens for purchase of housing and improvement of living conditions;
- development of construction of low-income housing affordable for various strata of society;
- provision of land plots for complex residential construction with all the necessary engineering infrastructure.