The Smolensk region is one of the industrial regions in the Central part of Russia. The following industrial centers are established in the territorial structure of the region - Smolensk and Desnogorsk as well as 6 industrial districts such as the Vyazma, Gagarin, Dorogobuzh, Safonovo, Roslavl and Yartzevo districs.

There are large-scale enterprises in the region which play a significant role not only in the regional economy, but also in the overall Russian economy (JSC “Production Department “Kristall”, JSC “Dorogobuzh”, Federal State Unitary Enterprise “SPA “Analitpribor”, State Unitary Enterprise in Moscow “Steel rolling mill plant”, JSC “Izmeritel”, JSC “Roslavl car-repair plant” etc).

There is also a range of enterprises manufacturing goods for the defense industrial base of our country. About 15 regional enterprises work out and produce military goods, 6 of them are included into the list of strategic enterprises of the Russian defense industrial base compiled by the government.

Nearly one quarter of the overall working-age employable population is engaged in the manufacturing industry. The industry makes up more than 30 percent of the Gross Regional Product and provides for about 30 percent of all tax revenue.

In 2013 the index of industrial production amounted to 103 percent according to the established kinds of economic activities, namely, “Mining operations”, “Manufacturing” and “Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water”. In manufacturing enterprises the index of industrial production made up 104.5 percent.

The largest percentage in the structure of industrial production is made up by generation, production and distribution of electricity, gas and water – 26.6%, chemical production – 10.4%, production of food stuff, including beverages, and of tobacco – 8.5%, manufacturing of electrical appliances – 8.9%, metallurgical production and manufacturing of ready-made metal products – 7.3%, jewellery industry – 6.6%.



There was an increase in production in 2013 in comparison with 2012 in the following industries:

- woodworking and production of wooden goods – 116,7%;
- chemical production – 116.5%;
- metallurgical production and manufacturing of ready-made metal products – 132.5%;
- cellulose and paper industry – 102%;
- textile and garment manufacture – 100.2%.

In 2013 the total amount of dispatched goods produced at the regional enterprises as well as that of the work and services in manufacturing enterprises increased by 5.6 percent in comparison with the preceding year and amounted to 135.6 billion rubles in current prices.