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Call for partners

Company of fodder production «Lessi»

It is necessary to find the investor for implementation of the project for the purpose Of placement of the meat-processing enterprise of production of fodder «Dilar».

The natural frozen food for cats and dogs «Dilar», is prepared only from natural products. It is developed by nutritionists, repeatedly passed tests on quality in Regional laboratory and has the certificate of conformity, and also the declaration. It is patented (patent No. 2475039). The animals eating the forage «Dilar» throughout their lives have exhibition standard and excellent healthy appearance.

Forage composition: meat, offal, grain, egg, vegetables, wheat sprouts, seed oil, bone meal, yeast, cottage cheese, tripe and enzymes of tripe.

The forage is subdivided into six types of diets, depending on age, physical activity and the state of health of the pet, namely: «Baby», «Junior», «Universal», «Active», «Seigneur» and «Dr. Powderpill».

Advantages of the forage «Dilar»:

1) Unlike dry food increases resistance of an organism (immunity): «Universal», «Active», «Seigneur» and «Dr. Powderpill».

2) The forage «Dilar» belonging to the class of «superpremium» is lower at the cost of foreign analogs (dry forage) for 37.5%.

We will be glad to answer all questions interesting you:

heads of the company of forage productions «Lessi»

Smolensk, 214004,

N-Kiyevskaya St., 1, 43

Pivtsov Pyotr Nikolaevich,

Pivtsova Larisa Yurevna

Ph. 8 (906)5170015



We invite to cooperation of producers of meat and poultry of Smolensk region for the purpose of representation of LLC PK GLAVZAPAS of meat products of Smolensk region to consumers of the Russian Federation. Stable deliveries of meat, a bird, an offal, and also production of meat products under the trademark GLAVZAPAS are required. LLC PK GLAVZAPAS has a big client base of wholesalers and meat processing, professional team of managers in Moscow and St. Petersburg, an opportunity to participate in exhibitions, food forums, tenders and the electronic auctions, representation production in many regions of the Customs union.

To start negotiations on deliveries of meat the heads of farms need to provide the following information:

- presentation of the enterprise;

- the output in a month;

- photo production;

- price list.

Range of meat production and offal:

* beef Bull;

* beef Cow;

* beef high-quality GOST P 55445-2013;

* trimmed frozen beef in blocks GOST P 54704-2011 with a mass fraction of connecting and fatty fabrics: the premium grade - no more than 3%; the first grade - no more than 6%; one-sortable - no more than 10%; the second grade - no more than 14%;

* fillet steak (loin);

* an offal beef frozen (a liver, a heart, a lung, an udder, a hem, a tongue, legs, heads);

* trimmed beef from the heads;

* pork;

* an offal frozen pork (a liver, a heart, ears, snouts of pigs, hooves, heads);

* trimmed pork from the heads;

* poultry, offal in assortment.

Contact information:


105425, Moscow, Sirenevyi Boulevard, 15.

Ph. +7 499 39-424-90; 39-424-91