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The warehouse for temporary storage LLC “Roslavl-Terminal” is located in the town of Roslavl in the Smolensk region and is situated together with the “Roslavlsky” custom unit within its operation area. The location of the warehouse within 30-kilometer distance from the border with the Republic of Belarus is especially significant in the light of the implementation of the Conception of relocating customs clearance and customs control to the places close to the border of the Russian Federation.

LLC “Roslavl-Terminal” is constantly improving the quality of the provided services and strives to meet all the needs of its clients – participants of the Foreign Economic Activities.

Currently, the warehouse for temporary storage offers the following services:

- complex of services on goods placement in a motor vehicle on the protected territory (surrounding area)

- storage of goods:

with their loading onto pallets

with their loading in bulk, in boxes etc.

- loading and unloading:

by hand-carry

by an automated loader

by hand-carry with subsequent piling on pallets

- weighing:

on an electronic weighing machine

on a platform weighing machine

- work of an automated loader

- work of an overhead crane track

- other services