The warehouse for temporary storage is located in 11-kilometer proximity to M1 highway. In the office building of the warehouse for temporary storage LLC “Transit-C” there is the administration and managers of the warehouse, customs agent, the administration and the customs clearance department and customs control No 1 of the Zadneprovsky customs terminal. It allows to speed up the completion of preliminary operations significantly and grants additional convenience for the clients.

Availability of an on-site warehouse for temporary storage (customs terminal) allows for the application of a flexible system of discounts.

The warehouse for temporary storage provides:

• all kinds of services typical for a warehouse for temporary storage which has up-to-date equipment, refrigerated chambers, facilities for phytosanitary control and radiation-monitoring equipment;

• an equipped laboratory for phytosanitary control which allows to get all the needed approval documents and certificates;

• storage and completion of all customs formalities of goods subject to veterinary control (goods number according to the Foreign Economic Activity for the customs warehouse ТН ВЭД ТС 0401-0406,2106,210500) as well as goods which have

the following numbers according to the Foreign Economic Activity for the customs warehouse ТН ВЭД ТС 2301,2309,3501,3507;

• outdoor parking lot with the capacity of over 250 road trains and a heated warehouse with a large capacity;

• X-ray television equipment for the examination of goods which reduces the overall inspection procedure;

• responsible storage of goods after their customs clearance (at the ordinary storage);

• carrying out of any warehousing operations (sorting, making up consignments, packing, marking etc.);

• automated loader with high performance and available in sufficient number.

The warehouse is open 24 hours.

Customs clearance is effected:

on working days from 08.30 to 20.00;

on Saturday from 08.30 to 17.00;

on Sunday from 11.30 to 20.00.