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The warehouse for temporary storage LLC “Vyazma Terminal” provides a wide range of services concerning customs clearance and completion of all goods formalities.

There are the following units on the territory of the warehousing complex:

- Vyazma customs terminal of the Smolensk customs;

- branch of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance which conducts phytosanitary and veterinary control of all incoming goods.

The warehouse for temporary storage is 1800 meters from M1 motorway which is one of the major arterial roads connecting Russia with the Republic of Belarus, Poland and other countries of Western Europe. This motorway constitutes a part of the European route E 30 characterized by durable asphalt coverage along its whole length and goes a long distance from large settlements.

The territory of the warehouse for temporary storage is protected 24 hours.

There are the following facilities on the territory of the Warehouse for temporary storage LLC “Vyazma Terminal”:

- outdoor site with the total area of 10067,58 square meters with the surrounding territory of 6399,61 square meters covered with hard concrete surface;

- warehousing facilities with the effective area of 1437 cubic meters equipped with seven refrigerated chambers;

- loading-unloading facilities for handling freight and for weighing goods.

Warehouse for temporary storage LLC “Vyazma Terminal” is equipped with all the necessary utility systems including such modern conveniences as electricity, gas, running water, the Internet and telephone communications.

LLC “Vyazma Terminal” provides the following services:

1. Services on completion of customs formalities:

- consultation on the issues pertaining the customs legislation;

- determination of the goods code in accordance with the Nomenclature of Goods subject to Foreign Trade;

- preparation of documents and papers needed for submission of customs declarations;

- consultation on issues pertaining conducting international trade and completing documents;

- consultation on making up customs declarations and corresponding documents (export, import);

- consultation on making up transit declaration.

2. Services on warehousing processing of goods:

- acceptance of goods for storage;

- loading-unloading operations;

- preparation of goods for customs inspection after unloading, their sorting, counting, making up consignments and their repacking if there is need for it;

- storage of goods at the warehouse, in the zone of the customs control at the outdoor area of the warehouse for temporary storage.