A Customs and Logistics Terminal was established in the Smolensk region under the brand ”EUROTRANSSERVICE Terminal” in order to decrease the costs of all provided services and to increase their efficiency and quality.

Customs Clearance Department and Customs Control No 3 of the “Krasninsky” customs terminal of the Smolensk customs as well as Phytosanitary and Vetcontrol Stations of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance with the corresponding laboratories are situated on the territory of the Customs and Logistics Terminal.

There is also an additional office in the North-West of Russia which embraces operating areas of the Baltic and Saint-Petersburg customs.

Synergetic combination of high quality, cutting-edge technologies, a consistent approach to business management and full compliance with all norms and regulations of the Russian and international customs legislation led to significant results and achievement of high status in Moscow in the field of customs clearance for a wide range of goods, including diplomatic ones, within 14 years.

The main advantages of the Terminal are as follows:

Maximum proximity (8 km) to the border of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus

Convenient gateway from the Baltic and North Europe states as well as from the Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus is provided thanks to the terminal on the highway Bryansk – Smolensk – Vitebsk (А-141)

Convenient location of the terminal - 35 kilometers from one of the main arterial roads