LLC “Katyn Terminal” operates under the state control and is aimed at achieving public goals in the field of customs policy. This enterprise has been functioning since 2012 and has already become one of the largest companies on the territory of Smolensk and the Smolensk region. It works in many fields. Currently, it is primarily specialized in such areas as providing services of a customs agent and of a warehouse for temporary storage as well as of goods declaring, certification and submission of documents in an electronic form which makes carrying out the majority of customs procedures more formal and efficient and, thus, saves a lot of time.

The enterprise is located 1 km from Vitebsk highway and 8 km from M1 highway “Moscow – Minsk”.

A currency exchange office, a post-office, stores, a hotel and a café are in immediate proximity to the terminal.

Customs Clearance Department and Customs Control No 3 of the Zadneprovsky customs terminal are situated on the territory of the warehouse for temporary storage.

The major advantage is a possibility of electronic declaring of goods with the help of international associations of the Internet which significantly simplifies the process of customs clearance. In fact, if the declarant fully complies with all norms, this procedure will not exceed 3 hours. Moreover, introduction of the new format enables to minimize all expenses.

Warehouses are located at the following address: the Smolensk region, the Smolensk district, Katyn settlement, ARZ village Bld. 1a. The outdoor area of the warehouse for temporary storage occupies the territory of 1500 square meters, whereas the indoor area of the warehouse is 1460 cubic meters, the surrounding area of the warehouse amounts to 17276 square meters. There is an up-to-date equipment for handling goods. The turnover capacity of the warehouse is 150 motor vehicles per 24-hour period. The asphalt roads to the warehouse are landscaped and comfortable. Their proximity to M1 highway “Moscow – Brest” is 10 km, to A141 highway “Smolensk – Vitebsk” – 1 km, to “Smolensk – Pskov” highway – 8 km. The distance from the Vehicle Checkpoint “Krasnoye” (M1) is 50 km, from the Vehicle Checkpoint “Rudnya” (А-141) is 45 km.