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Industrial parks of the Smolensk Region

 feniks.png   The industrial park Phoenix -

The industrial park Phoenix is located in the northern part of the city Smolensk (near a hypermarket Metro) on the area of 54,9 hectares, useful area makes 31,8 hectares. The park is intended for placement of the enterprises of the hazard class IV-V which includes metalworking and woodworking, instrument manufacture, production of reinforced-plastic products, baby stuff, small-sized enterprises on production of furniture, etc.


Transportation, logistics and industrial complex "Stabna" is a dynamically developing industrial area on the western border of the Russian Federation, located in the proximity of the highway M1 “Moscow-Minsk”. The “Stabna” complex has the total area of 300 ha of industrial lands provided with all necessary facilities for the successful development of industries and storage.

ИП Сафоново.jpg
Industrial park “Safonovo” 

The Industrial park “Safonovo” is an industrial site located at the distance of 290 km from Moscow along the federal highway M1, the site specializes in the production of large-sized products made of composites, such as: tank-containers, wind power generators with the capacity of 1-2 MW, stacks, acid resistant containers, etc.

Resurs-logo.png Industrial park "Resource", Vyazma, the Smolensk Region 

The industrial site OJSC "Resource" is located at the distance of 230 km from Moscow along the federal highway M1 "Belarus" (the federal highway M1 "Belarus" (Minsk highway) is the federal road, which is also a part of the European route E 30 and Asian route AH6, it connects Moscow with the Belarus state border. Being 440 km long, it runs through the territories of the Moscow and Smolensk Regions.


The complex combines a number of innovative, interconnected projects united by technologies and infra structure requirements. There are plans to launch the production of construction glass, wire reinforced glass, apparatus and aircraft glass, thin display glass.

The production facilities are located in Ershichy, the Smolensk Region.