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Anti-recessionary policy was discussed at the meeting of Council for economy and investments

The main areas of work on overcoming of the crisis phenomena are activation of economic growth, support of economic branches, ensuring social peace, monitoring and control of economic climate and social sphere.

State and local government discussed questions of development of agriculture in the territory of the Smolensk region

Alexey Ostrovskiy, acting Governor, held a telephone conference with the members of Administration of Smolensk region, the heads of state and local government during that conference it was discussed questions of completion of the spring sowing campaign in the Smolensk region.

Smolensk region will receive federal subsidies for milk manufacture

Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev signed the order about distribution of subsidies to regions for stimulation of production of commercial milk.

Four Smolensk enterprises are recognized as organizations that exercise a significant influence on branches of industry and trade

The enterprises have had an opportunity to use the state support on working capital activity and (or) on financing of the current production activity.

Smolensk region took the fifth place in a rating of usefulness of the competitive environmen

The rating was made by OFAS which considers the number of enterprises, the number of complaints to FAS, condition of the product markets and inquiry of businessmen about condition of the competition.

The hi-tech dialysis center is opened in partnership with German investors in Smolensk Construction and equipment of medical institution are carried out at the expenses of company funds of Fresenius Medical Centre, the total volume of its investment into realization of that project made more than 250 million rubles. 
«EGGER Drevprodukt Gagarin» opened the new production line on the Smolensk plant The company realizes the investment project for the sum more than 640 million rubles.
 «MSP Bank» opens order taking on a product «MSP-Anticrisis» MSP Bank begins to take order taking from partner banks for financing of small and medium-sized enterprises for a product «MSP-Anticrisis».
The CEO of the corporation of investment development of the Smolensk region visited the Japanese industrial park «Kiyohara» The seminar was organized by Association of industrial park. It was devoted to study the best management practice of industrial parks.
The municipal council of Smolensk approved the changes in the general plan of the city concerning development of industrial park Most of people's deputies supported the creation of industrial park in the northern part of Smolensk.
The industrial parks of Smolensk region were presented to Japanese investors

On April 23 a retreat took place in Tokyo.

Corporation of Investment Development of Smolensk region took part in an investment seminar in South Korea

The seminar was organized by Association of industrial parks of Russia.

The representatives of Smolensk region visited the industrial park Cheonan Industrial zone in South Korea

The representatives of the Russian regions visited a presentation of the management company and the territory of the industrial park.

Investment potential of Smolensk region was presented in Beijing

The forum "Great Opportunities of Small and Medium Business" is taking place in Beijing.

Construction of industrial park in Smolensk was discussed at public hearings Most of citizens supported the changes in the city development plan that allows constructing of industrial park «Phoenix» in the northern part of the city.
Corporation of investment development of Smolensk region is admitted to Association of industrial parks

The corporation of investment development of Smolensk region joined the ranks of members of a non-profit organization.

Improvement of investment appeal of the region By analysis results of statistics of sector development of the small and medium sized enterprises which are carried out by the analytical center of MSP Bank in 2014, Smolensk region took the fifth place in a rating of regions of Central Federal District on a level of economic activity of small and medium sized enterprises outdistance Kaluga region.
The idea of introduction of tax holidays was discussed on the Council of State There was considered a package of measures on development and support of small and medium sized enterprises in the Kremlin.
The Smolensk region will take part in the pilot project of Ministry for Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation on creation and development of industrial parks
Within the context of the performance of Research work «Research of experience of creation and development of industrial parks on the basis of the analysis of application of the best international practices for introduction in the Russian management companies of industrial parks and corporations of subjects development of the Russian Federation», Smolensk region has been chosen as the pilot subject of the Russian Federation for introduction of the best Russian and foreign practices on creation and development of industrial parks.

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