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Briefing of the Department Head

05.03.2014 Briefing of the Department Head

On March 4th, 2014 Victor Kozhevnikov, the Head of the Department of Economic Development had a briefing which became a part of the policy carried out by Governor Aleksey Ostrovsky; the policy ensures the clarity of the public authorities functioning.

On the results of the economic development in 2013

Making conclusions on the results of the regional, economic development in the previous year, Victor Kozhevnikov mentioned that the Smolensk Region follows the all Russia development tendencies: “In 2013 we witnessed quite a moderate increase of the economic development. The index of the industrial production was 103%. The agricultural production increased by 1%. Unfortunately, the volume of investment decreased as well as in other RF regions which was mainly caused by the inflation factor. The inflation level was equal to the one of 2012, however, this is quite a normal situation taking into account the general Russian tendencies”.


The investment portfolio

In 2013 the volume of investment amounted to 56 bln rubles, 30 bln rubles were invested in small and medium enterprises, the rest was invested in small business. “If we analyse the structure of small business we can conclude that over 60% of companies work in wholesale and retail trade. The situation is typical for this business sphere, as this is the most suitable activity for small companies. The real economy sector has merely 20%”, said Victor Kozhevnikov.

Successful investment projects

Among the most successful investment projects Victor Kozhevnikov pointed out the launch of two meat processing facilities: Llc «UrAl» in the Safonovsky District and Llc «Gagarin-Ostankino» in the Gagarinsky District, the return to production of the OJSC “Igorevsky Wood Processing Plant”. V. Kozhevnikov also mentioned the Glassworks «Vorga» with a developing cluster of facilities specializing in the production of fiber glass, etc.