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A joint Belgian-Russian venture company was started up in the Smolensk Region

11.03.2014 A joint Belgian-Russian venture company was started up in the Smolensk Region

The Belgian-Russian company “Frisomat Arsenal ST” began its work in the Kardymovsky District. The company specialises in the construction of quickly erectable houses. Van Meuven Alex, the plenipotentiary of Belgium in Russia and Aleksander Medvedev, Deputy Governor of the Smolensk Region took part in the opening ceremony “Frisomat Arsenal ST” is the project that has been implemented in the Smolensk Region as a part of the Frisomat investment policy in Russia. The Belgian company has been successfully working on the market for over 30 years, with over 20 000 projects completed all over the world in different climatic conditions.


“Frisomat Arsenal ST” operating in the production facilities of Llc “Arsenal ST” in Kardymovo, manufacturers profile houses with the production capacity of 2.5 thousand square metres, the annual volume of production can reach 150-200 mln rubles.



“We really appreciate the significance of the fact that new modern production facilities for rather affordable housing, which is in great demand in Russia today, are put into operation in the Kardymovsky District. New investors are coming to our region, new workplaces are being created, new taxes are being paid into the budget, as a result, this leads to the growth of regional and national economies. The local authorities provide support for all the investors working in the area. We have already had some international investment experience in the district, for example, a French investor has successfully been working here, and we are also waiting for German investors to start their work soon”, said Aleksander Medvedev, the First Deputy Governor in his greeting speech.


The First Deputy Governor continued that foreign investments in the Kardymovsky District stimulate the development of the local social infrastructure. The “Frisomat Arsenal ST” will create nearly 100 workplaces, the further expansion of manufacturing facilities will allow the company to create new 50 workplaces in the next two years. The investors will spend over 3 mln euros on the introduction of new technologies and re-equipment. The investor also plans to manufacture quickly erectable industrial buildings.


Aleksander Medvedev stressed out that manufacturing of quickly erectable. low-income houses will contribute a lot to the development of the regional construction industry. According to the property market estimations the cost of 1 metre should not exceed 34 thousand rubles whereas the company offers 1 metre for 20 000 thousand rubles. The company can manufacture both low-rise and high-rise buildings.


The First Deputy Governor also spoke about the support provided for the company by the Administration of the Smolensk Region within the investment policy implemented by the Governor Aleksey Ostrovsky. “The regional and municipal authorities helped the investor with the technological connection to gas and engineering networks, registration of land, recruiting staff, other procedures necessary for the production launch. A. Medvedev called investment, demand, manufacturing and state support as key elements of successful cooperation”.


Van Meuven Alex, the plenintenary of Belgium in Russia  mentioned that the company has fruitful cooperation with regional and municipal authorities. “Our experience of investment into the Russian economy allows us to say that the organisation of successful business requires several companies and their contacts with the Belgian Embassy. We are sure that this project will be a success and contribute a lot to the long experience of fruitful cooperation between our countries. I hope that this joint company will successfully operate in Russia and it will become the symbol of the Smolensk Region in Belgium”


Aleksander Medvedev and Van Meuven Alex launched the production by pressing the symbolic “red button”, after that the guests had an excursion round the facilities.