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2014The holiday “The First Bread Day”

09.09.2014 2014The holiday “The First Bread Day”

The holiday “The First Bread Day” was held by ZAO “Agricultural company “Nasha Zhitnitsa”. This investment agricultural project in the Gagarinsky District was supported by the regional authorities.

The investment project is aimed at the construction of a milk complex for 1200 cows (the total livestock will reach 3200 cows) for commercial milk production with its further processing and facilities for growing plants on the territory of 8 fallow lands. The total volume of investment including private and loan funds amounted to 1.5 bln rubles. The event was visited by the regional authorities, investors and the astronaut A. Leonov who had initiated the implementation of the investment project. In his speech the Governor A. Ostrovsky expressed gratitude to investors and congratulated the staff of the agricultural company with the holiday, the best specialists were awarded with letters of honour.