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Aleksey Ostrovsky took part in the meeting of the RF State Council

18.09.2014 Aleksey Ostrovsky took part in the meeting of the RF State Council

The meeting of the State Council was visited by the Government members, ministers and department heads of the economic sector, representatives of business and entrepreneurs' associations.

The participants analysed the aspects exerting a direct influence of the situation in the Russian business and its position on international markets. Special attention was paid to anti- Russian sanctions, the participants discussed the issues of import substitution and technological improvement, adaptation of regional economies to WTO standards, economic growth and long-term programs for development of leading companies.

Vladimir Putin mentioned that the effort of all authorities should be focused on the development of the real economy sector. This process should include the availability of loans, competitive business environment meeting the international standards. “We speak about the development of such an economic policy, such a strategy which will demand the concentration of federal and regional authorities on the real sector of economy”, underlined the President. The President also said that the implementation of the policy should be coordinated by federal and regional authorities working in close cooperation.


Vladimir Putin claimed that the main goal for the authority of any level is to carry out the policy of import substitution and use one of the main advantages of Russia – its receptive internal market. We should fill it with competitive, good quality goods which are produced by the national real economy sector, keeping stability and balance of the internal market, economy in general.

The President put special emphasis on the fact that import substitution is only possible if the Russian industry has a competitive character which should be achieved in 1.5-2 years. The ability of national products to meet the consumers' interests will correlate with the volume of their production, on condition their quality and price are not lower than those of international alternates.

“Regional authorities pay a key role in the increase of products competitiveness. We need to know what is being done to substitute import in the Russian regions, what instruments have turned out to be the most efficient”, added Vladimir Putin.

The President touched upon the development problems of the agricultural complex. “We almost fully satisfy our needs in such products as potatoes or grain. The import of pork has reduced nearly by 25% (24.9%), poultry in 2.3 times, vegetable oil – 6 times.

Such positive dynamics is not common for all regions. At the meeting, held on May 14, the regions were instructed to use additional instruments to encourage economic growth. The Government should also work out and adopt the plans for import substitution in industry and agriculture for 2014-2015.


The development issues of the agricultural complex under sanctions restricting the import of products will become one of the main topics of the extended meeting under the chairmanship of Governor Aleksey Ostrovsky.