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The Smolensk region will cooperate with the Russian Investment Agency

30.10.2014 The Smolensk region will cooperate with the Russian Investment Agency

Agreement on the strategic cooperation between the Administration of the Smolensk Region and the self-sustaining non-profit organization “Invest into Russia” was signed today by the Governor Aleksey Ostrovsky and the agency CEO Yury Voitzekhovsky.

The agency “Invest into Russia” promotes itself as a federal platform for an “investor-region” interaction, as an assistance tool for an investor in breaking into the Russian market and as a source of analytical information needed to make strategic state decisions in the field of investment. The Russian Government is a co-founder of the agency and plays a key role in its activities.


“Agency is a new tool which was established just at the beginning of this year, which has been quite dynamically developing ever since. We joined the International Association of Investment Agencies where Russia had not been represented before (this Association comprises more than 240 agencies from different parts of the world). Now we use the international infrastructure of the member-associations in order to enter into a more consistent dialogue with investors. Currently, we are focused on the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, of the BRICS and the Middle East”, – stated the investment agency “Invest into Russia” CEO Yury Voitzekhovsky in his welcome speech.

The Governor Aleksey Ostrovsky pointed out, in his turn, that the Administration of the Smolensk region is very actively involved in attracting investors to the regional economy: “We have already achieved some significant accomplishments. For two and a half years of work the Administration has attracted under my guidance over 50 billion rubles. It does not mean that all this money has already been invested, however, the major part has. There are some enterprises which were set up within

this period. We have established them over the last six months. Although, there are some long-term projects which will last for 5-6 years and will have significant budgets.”

This agreement is signed to develop strategic partnership and to establish comprehensive long-term cooperation in the field of investment project design, launch and implementation.

The Agency will regard the Administration of the Smolensk Region as a strategic partner, provide information about potential investors which are interested in launching investment projects in our region, effect information, consultancy and management support for all events arranged within the frames of this agreement, invite the Administration to participate in negotiations with the projects initiators and investors who intend to implement projects in the Smolensk region.


”Dear colleagues, with your help we are ready to conduct a dialogue with sensible and determined investors. We have made up an investment map for the region which is now available at the Administration website with specific land plots on it. We have carried out considerable work (by the way, no administration has ever done it before) on thorough examination and understanding of what land fund the region has, who the owners are and what land plots we can offer. Moreover, we have all the needed data on generating capacity and gas in the region – key issues for any investor. There are some particular land plots where an investor can have already established generating facilities. Furthermore, we are ready to work for a specific investor, for any other land plot, to make arrangements with energy and gas men on providing technical connection to utility systems on preferential terms etc. That’s why let’s start this work practically – we will welcome and encourage it”, - concluded Aleksey Ostrovsky.