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«EGGER Drevprodukt Gagarin» opened the new production line on the Smolensk plant

29.04.2015 «EGGER Drevprodukt Gagarin» opened the new production line on the Smolensk plant

Opening of the line of impregnation of decorative paper at the «EGGER Drevprodukt Gagarin» plant took place in Gagarin, Smolensk region on April 29. On action there was the Governor of the Smolensk region Aleksey Ostrovskiy, the head of the department of investment development of the Smolensk region Rostislav Rovbel, the head of administration of Gagarin district Vladimir Ivanov and the management of the «EGGER Drevprodukt Gagarin» company: CEO Peter Weismayr, commercial director Evgeniy Lyyurov, sales director Reinhard Krueger.

«The administration of the region welcomes step-by-step development of business of the «EGGER Drevprodukt Gagarin» company in the territory of the subject, - the Governor Alexey Ostrovsky addressed to representatives of the Austrian company. - We are very glad that the enterprise doesn't stop its activity, that there is a step-by-step development, that there is a clear understanding of ultimate aims. Constant expansion of production that the enterprise including by means of administration of the region, finds possibilities of application of innovations, improvement of quality of its own production and increase of its competitiveness pleases. We are pleased by permanent increase in workplaces, growth of tax revenues in the budget of the region».

The «EGGER» group carries out constant planned investments of means into modernization and expansion of the plants. The company which is present at the region since 2011 started implementation of the next new project in 2014. The cost of the investment project exceeds 640 million rubles. The State support given in the form of tax privileges in 2015-2019 will make more than 40 million rubles. 16 new workplaces will be created as a result of construction of the new production line in Gagarin.

It became possible to carry out a full cycle of production of the laminated wood-shaving plates thanks to start of the new line of impregnation of paper at the plant. Working in the regular mode, the line will be able to issue about 120 thousand square meters securities for change that will allow to provide with paper not only the plant in Gagarin, but also the second Russian production of the «EGGER» company in Shuya.