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The idea of introduction of tax holidays was discussed on the Council of State

14.04.2015 The idea of introduction of tax holidays was discussed on the Council of State

Opening a meeting of the Council of State, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin emphasized that small and medium sized enterprises is one of the most important sources of economic development of the country. But at the moment its cumulative share in GDP makes about 20%. And, for example, in the European countries this indicator reaches the level of 70-80%. Therefore, there is a high potential for growth in this segment in our country. And increase of share of small and medium sized enterprises to 50% is the aim that has been discussed at the meeting for the next five years. As the President noted, regions have to play a key role in its realization.

«It is necessary accurately, to analyze without links to objective difficulties a situation in each region, and it is not for the report, it is for business, for the country and for people, to remove all obstacles which disturb business, - the President set the task. The specific people who are personally responsible for the solution of problems in business and aimed at the result have to be appointed for this purpose. «It is necessary to deal in attraction of investments and the credits, ensuring access to orders of the state companies, - Vladimir Putin declared. - It has to be easy to begin the business, and not terribly to risk and be mistaken. It won't be necessary to spend time and forces for collecting documents, it will be enough to buy the patent and to get down to work».

Tax holidays can become one of the most effective measures of support of small and medium sized enterprises. It is offered to enter them for those who only begin their business, and such vacations will last only 2 years.

Expansion of access for businessmen to credit resources, the solution of problems of staffing, legal regulation, carrying out checks by control authorities were discussed at the meeting. Excessive state control as the President noted, slows down business and that is absolutely inadmissible. So, Vladimir Putin asked to prove to him the necessity of the unscheduled inspections which were carried out in 2014.

The Governor of the Smolensk region Alexey Ostrovskiy took part in the Council of State.