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The hi-tech dialysis center is opened in partnership with German investors in Smolensk

15.05.2015 The hi-tech dialysis center is opened in partnership with German investors in Smolensk

Emergence of the dialysis center in Smolensk is a striking example of harmonious interaction of the power and business, realization of public and private partnership in the region. The project is realized within the agreement of regional Administration with the German company Fresenius Medical Care. Construction and equipment of medical institution are carried out at the expenses of company funds of Fresenius Medical Centre, the total volume of its investment into realization of that project made more than 250 million rubles.

Opening of a new center within 37 thousand procedures in a year will completely resolve an issue of deficiency of dialysis places and will substantially cover requirements of the region. The dialysis center is counted on 40 devices «artificial kidney» of new generation. Nowadays according to the direction of regional Department on health care about 100 patients will start passing procedure of a hemodialysis, 10 people will be provided with all necessary equipment for carrying out a peritoneal dialysis in the medical institution. The dialysis center allows to accept 240 hemodialysis patients and 100 patients to whom the peritoneal dialysis is shown.

It should be noted that hemodialysis is the most widespread method of compensation of function of kidneys. More than 70% in the general structure of substitutive renal therapy in Russia fall to its share. The procedure of a hemodialysis is carried out on an outpatiently basis by means of the device «artificial kidney» and it demands special conditions.

The opened center will allow to help not only patients with a chronic renal insufficiency, but also to create 70 workplaces for highly skilled doctors-nephrologists, dialysis sisters and the service personnel. It is necessary to consider additional tax revenues in the region budget.

Speaking at opening of the dialysis center, the First Deputy Governor Mikhail Pitkevich on behalf of the head of the region Alexey Ostrovskiy congratulated residents of the Smolensk region of the modern medical institution that is equipped on the advanced European technologies. Also Mikhail Pitkevich told about joint realization of the project construction of the center. «This project began three years ago when the company Fresenius addressed to the Governor Alexey Ostrovsikiy, and he gave me an assignment to support that company, - the First Deputy Governor noted. - I would like to express gratitude to all who participated in realization of this project, and, of course, to the company Fresenius. That is an example of harmonious public-private partnership, attraction of investments. But the most important is that this project is directed on that the residents of the Smolensk region could receive high-quality medical care».

The deputy CEO of the Fresenius Medical Care company in Russia Herman Melnikov emphasized that the realization of this project would be impossible without support from Administration of the Smolensk region. «This long-awaited center is a result of cooperation and consolidation of efforts of all people who were taking part in this project. These are the contractor, the regional clinical hospital and, of course, the Department of the Smolensk region on health care which supervised this project from the very beginning. But the decision of the Governor which was made three years ago to finance the rendering of this type of medical care is especially important», - Herman Melnikov declared.

Also, according to Herman Melnikov, the emergence of the dialysis centers in other cities of the region isn't excluded: «If our joint activity is positively estimated by administration, the company is ready to extend the experience of creation the similar centers in other cities of the region», - Herman Melnikov explained.

The emergence in Smolensk clinics of a network of the dialysis centers Fresenius will allow patients to receive the available and timely medical care conforming to the highest European standards with diseases of kidneys. Nowadays there are 32 dialysis centers in the Russian Federation.