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Official opening of the investment project of CJSC «Tander»

26.03.2015 Official opening of the investment project of CJSC «Tander»

The governor Alexey Ostrovskiy repeatedly emphasized that today the region authorities take active actions for improvement of investment climate. The Administration has defined accurate investment policy, real help is given to all who wants to establish strong and mutually beneficial economic relations with residents of Smolensk.

Case in point that such great investor as CJSC «Tander» (Ltd «Magnit») has arrived to the Smolensk region. The food retail chain «Magnit» has chosen Smolensk region not only because of its unique geographical position, essential raw material resources, considerable technical and intellectual potential. Readiness of regional administration to render comprehensive assistance to investors including the food retail chain «Magnit» became one of the most important reasons to carry out the project.

Today the head of the region Alexey Ostrovskiy visited an investment platform in the rural settlement Stabenskoye of the Smolensk area where together heads of specialized departments of the region examined work of the distribution center of CJSC «Tander».

The object was placed on the land plot with a total area of 16,9 hectares. According to Field Director of distribution centers of CJSC «Tander» Oleg Mironov, the project provided construction of a warehouse of foodstuffs and nonfood goods with elements of an automobile operating company. The total area of a warehouse complex is 44 thousand sq.m. The total amount of investments on the project is about 2,2 billion rubles. It is planned to create about 1500 workplaces. Now more than 700 employees from 30 settlements of the region have been already employed. The distribution center serves 123 market outlets.

A storage warehouse under natural conditions, a warehouse with the built-in chilled products chamber and cameras of afterripening of bananas, an administrative and service building, shop on processing of recyclable materials, a building of automobile operating company with repair area and automobile laundry, and also filling stations and technical controls are a part of the distribution center. All rooms of the distribution center are equipped with the modern equipment.

The land plot in the territory of which the investment project has been realized, was included into the list of priority investment platforms of the region and it was in property of the Smolensk region. On April 11, 2013 CJSC «Tander» won an auction on the right of sale of the regional land plot.

The regional administration accompanied modification of the scheme of territorial planning of the Smolensk area and the general work plan of the rural settlement Stabenskoye.

«We really accompanied you in one stop-shop principle and we are ready to help you further, especially you have further ambitious plans in the territory of our region. That we realized this turnkey project in one and a half years it is very important because on time there was significant saving», - Alexey Ostrovskiy addressed to the management of the company.

Also the head of the region reminded of serious economic and social effect which the realization of this investment project has. First, besides formation of new taxation base for the regional budget, a significant amount of workplaces will be created: «We have managed to construct a very serious object and to create impressive infrastructure. You have told about one thousand workplaces which will be created in the long term. But there will be nearly one and a half thousand, it is impossible to forget about 450 employees of an automobile operating company».

Secondly, according to Alexey Ostrovskiy, arrival of the food retail chain «Magnit» will allow to create a sales market for agricultural producers of the region: «It is very important that the agricultural producers of the Smolensk region will get direct access to your chain and will be able to ship the production to you. Traditionally we face that it is almost impossible to enter distribution networks for single small producers. I understand that it won’t be all range of goods which is made by residents of Smolensk, but, nevertheless, we, certainly, welcome it».

The Field Director of distribution centers of CJSC «Tander» (Ltd «Magnit») Oleg Mironov thanked the regional authorities for the given help: «I would like to express gratitude from the management of our company to administration of the Smolensk region for the help and support in opening of this distribution center».

Also he appealed to Alexey Ostrovskiy to render assistance in selection of professional personnel for completion of the vacancies which are available in the organization and for further development of the distribution center. One more problem for the company is transportation for work of employees. The head of the region gave instructions to heads of appropriate authorities to deal with all questions and to render the maximum assistance.