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Alexey Ostrovskiy has visited CJSC «Zolotaya Niva»

08.06.2015 Alexey Ostrovskiy has visited CJSC «Zolotaya Niva»

Nowadays CJSC «Zolotaya Niva» is one of the leading agricultural enterprises of the Smolensk region and in the long term of all Russia.

The implementation of the investment project began in 2009 on construction of a modern commercial dairy complex with 1200 animals of milking herd. Last year sales revenue from production, works, services made 259 million rubles that practically in 1,5 times exceeds the level of 2013. It should be also noted the indicators of state support, for the last year CJSC «Zolotaya Niva» received 128 million rubles from budgets of all levels.

The agricultural complex «Zolotaya Niva» plays the leading role among the agricultural enterprises of the region as on cow population that is 1804 heads, and on gross production of milk. In total number of cattle in cooperative for May 1, 2015 made 3061 heads. CJSC «Zolotaya Niva» delivers all of produced milk in one of the largest Russian plants «Ermann» on production of dairy products.

There were considerable changes at the enterprise for the last year: the small milking hall was constructed, new technologies of cultivation of young stock growth are entered and other innovations are introduced. «If I should estimate work of agricultural enterprises which I visited, I will tell that you have objectively the best conditions for staff work of the enterprise and for the maintenance of livestock in the region», - the head of the region noted.

Speaking about the capacity of the enterprise, the head of the region noted that in the nearest future all necessary conditions for accommodation and production activity of the staff who works on CJSC «Zolotaya Niva» will be created within three years, it will be an agro-town in the territory adjoining to the agricultural complex.

However, the main generator of process for the agricultural complex is its expansion. This year CJSC «Zolotaya Niva» plans to start implementation of the investment project. Following the results of implementation of the project (it plans to finish in 2017) will be created the uniform dairy and livestock complex of CJSC «Zolotaya Niva» which will allow to increase:

- realization of milk from the current 11 thousand tons per year to 62 thousand tons,

- revenues from sales from 250 million rubles a year to 1700 million rubles (in the current prices),

- net margin from 5% to 20%.

It is planned to create 175 new workplaces.

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