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Gagarin rabbits are an import replacement

24.08.2015 Gagarin rabbits are an import replacement

Gagarin rabbits are an import replacement

In April, 2013 with assistance of the regional authorities LLC «KROL and K» started the realization of the investment project on the organization of a rabbit farm in Gagarin district. During the construction of the farm there were considered the latest developments in the field of husbandry and raising of animals, genetics, selection, slaughter and recycling. Favorable advantage of the farm is an existence in its production chain of a feed plant that allows to reduce veterinary risks. The similar structure of the rabbit farm is unique for Russia. The livestock of the farm is made by hybrid rabbits of the French firm EUROLAP.

«Pleases that in addition to the slogan «Smolensk rabbit is an import replacement!», it is also seen the real work on import substitution», - Alexey Ostrovskiy noted, addressing to the directors Vladimir Brezhnev and Oleg Papushin.

The regional authorities have given significant assistance in implementation of the project which will allow to create the largest hi-tech industrial complex in Russia on production of rabbits’ meat with the automated processes of feeding and cleaning. Since January 1, 2014 the investment project was included into the list of the approved investment projects of the Smolensk region with providing the state support in a form of property tax privileges and income tax of the organizations.

Besides, in 2014 as to the subject of small and medium-sized enterprises «KROL and K» was provided over 3,4 million rubles of subsidies for compensation of part of the expenses connected with acquisition of equipment for creation of production of goods. LLC «KROL and K» was bought the equipment of an automatic transfer line of rabbits’ slaughter and an automatic sealing of trays with the gas environment.

Nowadays 25 people work at the enterprise. Thanks to opening of the second turn, 10 workplaces will be created and also the production of rabbits’ meat will increase twice in this connection LLC «KROL and K» will be able to realize about 10 tons of rabbit meat every week. That will make about 500 tons of meat a year.

At the ceremony of start of the second turn there was a president of the national union of rabbit-breeders Alexey Yemelyanov who expressed confidence in positive prospects of development of the rabbit complex in Gagarin district: «The fact of presence of heads of the regional authority on this action, says that the administration of the region supports the direction of rabbit breeding and plans to develop it further. The Russian market is only formed and the company «KROL and K» is one of those companies which set standards in that branch».