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The first stage of MDF plant is opened in Kholm-Zhirkovskiy area

08.09.2015 The first stage of MDF plant is opened in Kholm-Zhirkovskiy area

The first stage of MDF plant is opened in Kholm-Zhirkovskiy area

OJSC «Igorevskiy Woodworking Combine» is a producer of sanded particle and engineered wood boards. For providing quality production «Igorevskiy woodworking combine» uses modern European technologies and carries out round-the-clock production. The enterprise receives raw materials from its own logging chances with a total area of 86000 hectares which is located in five municipalities of the region.

In 2009 on the terms of public-private partnership the combine started the implementation of the regional investment project on reconstruction and expansion of production of plant of fiber boards (MDF). In addition, the project is directed on creation and development of objects of transport, municipal and power infrastructures of the Kholm-Zhirkovskiy area. The total cost of the project makes 8,7 billion rubles.

As a result of full implementation of the investment project the plant of fiber boards will be constructed, the objects of social and engineering infrastructure that are necessary for its steady work are created. Following the results of public-private partnership the enterprise will become one of the largest producers of MDF in Russia.

In the first half of the year 2015 OJSC «Igorevskiy Woodworking Combine» received more than 12 million rubles of the federal subsidies that has been allocated to the organizations of timber processing complex for compensation part of costs of payment of credit use. Ministry for Industry and Trade of Russia has been included OJSC «Igorevskiy Woodworking Combine» into the list of the organizations having essential impact on industries and trade.

Speaking at the ceremony of opening of the first stage of the combine, Acting Governor Alexey Ostrovskiy emphasized the special importance of the combine not only for the Kholm-Zhirkovsky area, but also for all Smolensk region. «We see stable work and dynamics of development of this enterprise. Administration of the Smolensk region as the participant of this process gives certain help and assistance in order that the project should be developed. Despite difficult present economic realities, OJSC «Igorevskiy woodworking combine» doesn’t only keep those volumes which were at the enterprise till the crisis period, but also shows progress. New workplaces are created, there is a new tax base», - Head of the region noted.

Considerable state support of the combine which is given to the plant throughout the period of the implementation of the project was also noted by other enterprises that were speaking at the ceremony of opening of the first stage. Ruslan Kurbanov, the president of the MDF company OJSC «Igorevskiy woodworking combine» also hoped for further active development of the enterprise: «We hope that this stage will not only strengthen competitiveness of «Russian Laminate» company, but also will form a basis for development of social infrastructure and expansion of tax base». Oleg Numerov, the CEO of Association of enterprises of furniture trade and woodworking industry, thanked the management of the company for high-quality work and wished stable prosperity to the combine.