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The company «Morton» is looking for a partner

04.12.2015 The company «Morton» is looking for a partner

The company «Morton» is looking for a partner

The company «Morton» that realizes an investment project on construction of a poultry farm for fattening of turkey in the territory of the Smolensk region, has started search of the professional partner for collaboration in the field of poultry farming. It became known at a working meeting of representatives of the company with the director of Department of investment development of the Smolensk region Rostislav Rovbel.

«This project is very important for development of livestock sector of the region. As a result we will receive a modern poultry-farming complex on cultivation of turkey. And it is very important to understand that similar projects are the image of Smolensk region, and also new hi-tech workplaces, and opportunity to involve allied industries of production», – Rostislav Rovbel has emphasized.

The investment project «Poultry Farm for Fattening of Turkey, Construction of Meat Processing Plant» is realized in the village Aleksino of Dorogobuzh area. The investors are LLC «Novaya zhizn», a group of companies «Morton». The project costs 4,3 billion rubles. Life of the project – 2014-2020. As a result of implementation of the project it is planned to create about 500 workplaces. Production capacity – 14 000 tons of meat of turkey in a year.