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Acting Governor has visited a building site of the industrial park «Phoenix»

02.06.2016 Acting Governor has visited a building site of the industrial park «Phoenix»

Acting Governor has visited a building site of the industrial park «Phoenix»

The head of the region Alexey Ostrovskiy has held a visiting meeting on construction of an industrial park «Phoenix» in Smolensk during which he has examined the process of arrangement of the industrial platform, which is so important for the region.

The deputy governor, the head of the department for construction and housing and communal services Yuriy Puchkov, has noted that the first stage of construction of infrastructure has been executed in total volume according to summary estimate. In particular, the construction territory has been exempted from afforestation, the integrated transformer substation with capacity of 400 KW intended for power supply of a building site has been arranged, the construction of the first stage of the highway of industrial park 416 meters long has been executed. The need of residents of «Phoenix» for the electric power and gas supply has been also satisfied. Both objects have been already put into operation.

- Now we plan to begin the second stage of constructions. The budget is 89 million rubles. The first part of transformer substation and a fence, a pile field, grounding system and distributing device of 10 kilovolts will be constructed. We plan to finish the construction of this object until the end of the year, - Yuriy Puchkov has informed the Governor.

In turn, Director of regional Department of investment development Rostislav Rovbel has noted that all works which are carried out there allow to place residents in the territory of park. It is supposed that it will be about 30 residents. About 15 requests from the enterprises of various industries have been received at the moment. The specialized department coordinates information on production capacities and health requirements of potential business partners. 60% of residents are from Smolensk which want to develop their business. According to Rostislav Rovbel, the sphere of their activities is production of metal structures, concrete plant, light industry, printing industry, production of coffee. At the moment they expect procedure of holding a competitive selection.

It is expected that two investors will place their production in the territory of «Phoenix» by the end of this year, by the end of 2017 the construction will be started by 14 residents. It will allow to create over 1400 new workplaces for residents of Smolensk, and also will considerably fill up the budget.

- I am completely satisfied by those amounts of works which are executed by the company SIKAM. It is obvious that we have executed all amounts on gas supply, connection of power supply in 2015. Smolenskavtodor has also fulfilled its liabilities for road construction which were required to be executed in 2015, and by June 1 of the current year, - Alexey Ostrovskiy has summed up the results of the meeting.

The industrial park «Phoenix» (with a total area of 54,9 hectares) will be located in northern part of Smolensk. The park is of greenfield type, it is created «on a turn-key basis» on earlier undeveloped parcel of land.

The park is intended for productions of the IV-Vth classes of hazard of various specializations (metal and wood working), instrument making industry, production of baby stuff, furniture, etc.

The distance from the federal highway M-1 «Belarus» to an industrial zone makes 5,7 km. Besides there are megapolises Moscow (375 km) and Minsk (350 km), and also the city of Kaluga (300 km) in relative proximity.

One of the major conditions which, certainly, will attract potential investors is lack of a rent for construction. Technological accession to engineering networks will also be free. Tax benefits and an opportunity to receive the electric power on a rate of a high voltage which is the lowest will become serious incentive.