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Acting Governor has visited the prospective enterprises of Pochinkovskiy district

14.07.2016 Acting Governor has visited the prospective enterprises of Pochinkovskiy district

Acting Governor has visited the prospective enterprises of Pochinkovskiy district

The head of the region Alexey Ostrovskiy has visited with a working meeting Pochinkovskiy district where he has examined activity of a number of the enterprises showing positive dynamics of development.

Pochinkovskaya garment factory became the first platform which was visited by Acting Governor. The enterprise works in the sphere of production of sewn products, renders services in tailoring of overalls from raw materials supplied by the customer. The number of employees is more than 550 people. The organization has production shops in the city of Yelnya where 100 people work, and in the settlement of Stodolishche, 120 people work there.

The CEO of LLC Pochinkovskaya Garment Factory Anna Zaytseva has acquainted the head of the region with production capacities of the enterprise and has told about work in present economic realities: «This year the factory celebrates the 90 anniversary. If 15 years ago 17 people worked at the enterprise, nowadays the number of staff has grown to 565. The collective is mainly female. The enterprise capacity is 1600 suits in a shift. 13 product lines work at the enterprise.

The enterprise generally specializes in release of uniform overalls for civil aviation. For 12 years we have been cooperating with the company Technoavia which is one of the largest producers and suppliers of overalls, forms and means of individual protection in Russia. It should be noted that we dress not only all civil aviation of the country, but also the staff of such enterprises as Norilsk Nickel, Slavneft, Rosneft, Gazprom, Evrotsement, European standard.

Alexey Ostrovskiy has given a high appraisal of organization of work flows at the enterprise, work of management of the company. He asked how relationships form with local authorities.

Anna Zaytseva has told that she is quite satisfied with interaction level with local administration. At the same time the key requirement of the factory is deficiency of qualified personnel. The production needs updating and extension of personnel. Taking into account that today the profession of the seamstress can be got only in Safonovo and Vyazma, Anna Zaytseva has appealed to the head of the region about opening of educational institution in Pochinok which would train experts for the enterprise.

Acting Governor has given an assignment to comprehensively work the mechanism of the solution of a staffing problem, having noted that Pochinkovskaya garment factory is the significant enterprise for the region.

Besides Anna Zaytseva has told that this year the product range, made at the enterprise, has extended, the factory has begun to make products of PVC. As a result there has arisen a sharp need for entry into new sales markets.

Alexey Ostrovskiy has suggested to consider the possibility of tailoring of suits from PVC for the Ministry of Emergency Situations and «Avtodor», having charged to Department for investment development to handle this issue with the management of the factory, and the subordinates – to prepare the corresponding letters addressed to the Minister of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Relief of the Russian Federation Vladimir Puchkov, and also to the head of the state corporation Avtodor Sergey Kelbakh.

Further the head of the region has visited an intensively developing enterprise of agro-industrial complex Favorit which is one of six agricultural organizations in the region specializing in beef cattle breeding.

The CEO of the company Sergey Lelikov gave to Alexey Ostrovskiy necessary explanations. In particular, it has been noted that 60 million rubles of own investments have already been put into development of production. For the beginning of this year the number of cattle Aberdeen - Angus has made 445 heads.

The Governor has told about the aim of the visit: «Visiting Pochinkovskiy district I have considered necessary to come to you. The realized project is live, perspective, money is invested in concrete business, the company works, but there are certain problems. As far as I understand, there are difficulties with sales of products and other questions that’s why I want to know in what way my help as the head of the region is necessary».

According to the CEO of the company the main problem, which is need the help of the region, is bad roads.

Alexey Ostrovskiy has given an assignment to include Favorite in the federal target program «Sustainable Development of Rural Areas for 2014-2017 and for the Period till 2020»: «Across rural territories, according to that program in which the region actively participates next year we will provide assistance and make the road here. And you should address to specialized department of Administration on other questions if there is such necessity you can address to me. We will help».