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Smolensk region activates economic relations with Latvia

26.09.2016 Smolensk region activates economic relations with Latvia

Smolensk region activates economic relations with Latvia

The Governor Alexey Ostrovskiy has held a working meeting with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Latvia in the Russian Federation Astra Kurme at which the questions of investment cooperation have been raised.

During the conversation the parties have discussed a state and prospects of cooperation between Smolensk region and Latvia in the sphere of development of cultural and trade and economic relations. Alexey Ostrovskiy and Astra Kurme have emphasized that there are considerable reserves for development of mutually advantageous economic relations in various directions, more active work of all interested structures (state and business) is necessary for this purpose.

According to Astra Kurme cooperation of Smolensk region and the Republic of Latvia has good prospects on all directions designated during the meeting, including, economic: «It is almost neighboring region which is very closely connected with us historically. We have businessmen who could arrive and look what mutually advantageous projects we can carry out in common. We speak Russian. Russian is still widespread in Latvia».

In turn, Alexey Ostrovskiy has emphasized: «It is very important that we speak the same language. I would ask to give an assignment to the Trade Representative of the Republic of Latvia to contact with the investment block of Administration of Smolensk region. I will also give the corresponding counter order that we could present the capacity of Smolensk region in Riga or invite the Latvian business to us to the region that we will do with pleasure».

Besides the Head of the region has paid attention to preferential terms for investors which are created in Smolensk region and also its advantageous geographical location.

As for business mission terms, madam Astra Kurme has declared: «I think, it is necessary to work seriously over this question. Smolensk was always interesting to us. It is a very good idea over which there is a sense to work more detailed. I think, the first half of the next year will be suitable for a visit and activization of economic relations».