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Smolensk tax holidays are in operation

13.01.2017 Smolensk tax holidays are in operation

Smolensk tax holidays are in operation

Tax holidays have begun to act on Smolensk region for realization of the orders of the Governor Alexey Ostrovskiy concerning the support of business activity and improvement of business climate.

Since January 1, 2017 the regional law «About Establishment in Smolensk Region of a Tax Rate of 0% for Taxpayers (the Individual Entrepreneurs) Applying a Simplified Tax System, Patent System of the Taxation» initiated by the head of the region has come into force.

The privilege will be provided to the businessmen for the first time registered as the individual entrepreneur since January 1, 2017 and performing in the territory of the region activities in production, social and scientific spheres, and also the sphere of household services of the population.

The tax holidays will be extended during two tax periods (2 calendar years) from the date of the state registration of the individual entrepreneur.

Tax holidays extend to such types of business activity as the agricultural industry, forestry, fishery and fish breeding processing production, research and development, information technologies, additional education of children and adults, social services, services in the field of financial accounting, in the field of design, translation service, household services (repair of household appliances, repair of footwear, repair of furniture, repair of hours and jewelry, washing and dry cleaning, services of hairdressing and beauty salons).

In addition, since January 1, 2017 it is provided of 4,5% of a preferential tax rate for the taxpayers who are carrying out business activity in the sphere of information technologies and applying a simplified tax system.

Today necessary conditions for development of information technologies, including, in education are created in Smolensk region. High and secondary special educational institutions in which train high quality experts in this sphere successfully work in the territory of the region. Besides the companies which are effectively cooperating with such state corporations as Rosatom, Tactical missile armament, Rostec, and also with the international corporations are presented in Smolensk region.