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RozTekh starts a new production in Roslavl

16.01.2017 RozTekh starts a new production in Roslavl

RozTekh starts a new production in Roslavl

The working visit of the deputy Governor of Smolensk region Rostislav Rovbel has taken place on the new investment platform of LLC RozTekh (the trademark Wild Orchid) which is located in Roslavl.

During the visit there has taken place the meeting with the investor's representative Gulnora Saliyeva and the deputy director of the branch of PJSC IDGC of Centre Andrey Zhidenko. The parties have discussed a question of connection of the new investment platform to transformer substation and terms of start of technological lines.

«As a result of the negotiations we managed to reach agreements on granting 30 kW of electric power and start of production lines since January 17, 2017, and also upon inclusion in the investment program of PJSC IDGC of Centre of replacement of the transformer for granting all necessary power to the investor in 95 kW till June 1, 2017», - Rostislav Rovbel has noted.

According to the representative of PJSC IDGC of Centre the power will be increased to 60 kW and will reach the most necessary by June 1, 2017 for an investment platform exit to the planned outputs since May 1, 2017.

It should be reminded that the town Roslavl has been chosen as the priority platform for development of the company at a meeting of the Governor of Smolensk region Alexey Ostrovskiy with the owner Sergey Fateev and the head of the company LLC RozTekh Elena Smorodina which has taken place within the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

LLC RozTekh realizes the investment project «Garment Factory on Tailoring of Underwear» in the territory of Smolensk region. The total amount of investments on the project will make 100 million rubles. Social effect is creation of 200 jobs.