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Specialists of the IT companies from all Russia have gathered in Smolensk

27.01.2017 Specialists of the IT companies from all Russia have gathered in Smolensk

Specialists of the IT companies from all Russia have gathered in Smolensk

The first interregional forum on the information security “IT WALL” organized with assistance of Department of investment development of Smolensk region, Corporation of investment development of the region and the Cluster of information technologies takes place in Smolensk.

The main subjects of the forum are information security, development of IT industry in the region and personnel affairs – training of future experts and development of perspective representatives of the branch.

Skilled experts, the staff of the companies, being key players of the market participate in the forum.

The forum is aimed at a wide range of participants, beginning from profile experts of information security to representatives of business community.

Among the partners of the forum there is the largest Russian telecommunication company Rostelecom, the group of companies Confident, the producer of the proprietary software for information security from insider threat SearchInform.

At the opening the deputy head of Department of investment development of Smolensk region Anton Afonychev welcomed the participants of the forum.

- The Governor of Smolensk region Alexey Ostrovskiy pays special attention to the IT sphere. Smolensk region has the considerable potential for development of information technologies therefore Administration of the region takes concrete steps for development in this direction at the regional level.

In the region the cluster of information technologies works, the resident companies have certain progress. So, for example, the project of the Smolensk company Whisper Arts was among 10 developments in which maintenance the Agency of Strategic Initiatives will be engaged.

Specialists of the Smolensk scientific and innovative center of the radio-electronic systems Zavant participated in development of an innovative communication system which uses superhigh-frequency radiation. Even the staff of FSB and the FPS couldn't intercept a signal of Emerald, - Anton Afonychev has emphasized.

Also the forum was attended by the deputy mayor of Smolensk for investments and complex development Andrey Kulichkov.

- Management of investments, which I lead, is rather new but strategically important division in city administration. We see how the digital economy as questions of information security develops begin to come to the forefront in the most different spheres, and taking into account this vector of development we have decided to approach more in a complex IT area and training in our region, - Andrey Kulichkov has noted.

Except speeches of speakers and thematic panel discussions, within the forum there will take place the unique quest on cryptography organized in common with the Smolensk branch of National research institute of MEI and the Agency of integration initiatives.