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The prospects of development of light industry have been discussed in the region

31.01.2017 The prospects of development of light industry have been discussed in the region

The prospects of development of light industry have been discussed in the region

Under the chairmanship of the Governor of Smolensk region Alexey Ostrovskiy the meeting on the prospects of development of light industry of Smolensk region has taken place in Vyazma. The State-Secretary – Deputy Minister of the Industry and Trade of Russia Victor Evtukhov, the CEO of the Russian Union of tanners and shoemakers Aleksandra Andrunakiyevich, heads and specialists of leading enterprises of light industry of the region have taken part in the meeting.

Alexey Ostrovskiy has thanked Victor Evtukhov for attention and the interest shown from Minpromtorg to activity of the branch enterprises of Smolensk region. Also the head of the region has expressed confidence that similar branch conferences will become a good tradition in Smolensk region.

In the welcome speech the deputy Minister Victor Evtukhov has emphasized: “The geographical location of the region, relationship of the management and business inspire confidence that there are good prospects and not only in light industry. There is a good modern route to Moscow, the direct transit to Belarus further to Europe. Logistically conditions for production development in Smolensk region have excellent potential.

Our development strategy of branch, the future of the light industry is not only clothes, footwear, bags, bed linen and so on, it, first of all the production which satisfies to requirements of other industries.

We have various measures of support both monetary and regulatory, we not only keep them, but also we increase every year, we manage to do it for one simple reason – the branch shows growth, despite the crisis phenomena. For example, the gain of production of overalls in 2016 has increased by 40%, nonwoven fabrics more than for 30%, the positive growth of production is reached in production of fabrics and knitted products”.  

The Governor has told about the prospects of development of branch in Smolensk region. According to Alexey Ostrovskiy, in recent years the Smolensk region has achieved serious success in development of light industry and expansion of her production activity – today in the region 158 enterprises work already. Now the Smolensk production presented including, such brands as Bosco, Tvoe, Wild Orchid, Vyazma Skin, New Time, differs in high quality and is in deserved demand not only in Russia but also beyond the country.

Among the enterprises showing the serious growth of operational performance, the Governor has noted the factory Sharm, the group of companies Feniche, Yartsevo cotton plant, Roslavl knitting factory “Aprel”.

The sewing enterprises which are carrying out activity from raw materials supplied by the customer, including, the Vyazma and Pochinock garment factories, and also Safonovo garment factory “Oryol” have increased the production.

Alexey Ostrovskiy has told that in January of last year with the assistance of Administration of the region at Pochinock garment factory it has been open and successfully new production on release of products from PVC where the technology of welding is applied by currents of high frequency develops. Similar productions in Russia only two. A customer of this object is the founder of the organization Technoavia. The number of workers of the plant floor is 32 persons. Capacities of the site are loaded for 100%, all products are shipped under the concluded contracts. Besides the enterprise, having branches in the village Stodolishche in Pochinock district and Yelnya, continues work on production of goods of garments, overalls, clothes for civil aviation, attracting new orders from such known companies as Norilsk Nickel, Slavneft, Rosneft, Russneft, Bashneft and Aeroflot.

In addition, the Governor has noted activity of the enterprise Roztekh (a brand Wild Orchid). The company having the hi-tech production site in Gagarin with a number of the 400 employees has made the decision on further development in the territory of the region.

The head of the region has highlighted that in production of skin, products from skin, production of footwear the production index has made nearly 160% in the region in 11 months 2016. Positive dynamics on this kind of activity is explained by increase in production the Vyazma skinnery providing about 80% of all volume of the shipped production in tanning branch.

Alexey Ostrovskiy has also stopped on urgent problems of light industry. He has noted that intensive development of branch has led to emergence of the need for the qualified seamstresses exceeding one and a half thousand people.

“We are solving this problem, undertaking a package of measures for change of target figures of reception in technical educational institutions, the organizations in the territory of the area of branch of the Vitebsk state technological university, on involvement of citizens of Republic of Belarus to work on sewing productions of Smolensk region”.

In the performance the deputy CEO of LLC Firm Technoavia Sergey Melnikov has told that the company has opened production in Smolensk region in 1994. Then in small premises of Pochinkovsky plant only 11 people worked. Today the firm has 3 enterprises: the Vyazma, the Pochinock and the Safonovo garment factories where nearly 1200 workers work. For 2016 more than one million garments are produced, the revenue from production of products has made about 500 million rubles that there is one quarter more than the level of previous year.

At the same time Sergey Melnikov has paid attention to a key problem which concerns staff deficit: “To me it is pleasant to hear that the leaders of area take necessary measures and special programs are implemented. I think, it will allow to increase the number of workers, to raise the level of professional education”.

Further the participants of the meeting in the mode of dialogue have discussed other topical issues for development of light industry.