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It has been discussed the prospects of cooperation with Hungary in the sphere of agriculture in Smolensk

08.02.2017 It has been discussed the prospects of cooperation with Hungary in the sphere of agriculture in Smolensk

It has been discussed the prospects of cooperation with Hungary in the sphere of agriculture in Smolensk

Within stay of delegation of the Hungarian Republic headed by the Minister of Agriculture of Hungary Sándor Fazekas the working meeting with the Governor of the region Alexey Ostrovskiy has taken place in Smolensk region during the meeting the prospects of bilateral cooperation have been designated.

The Governor Alexey Ostrovskiy has addressed the Hungarian delegation with words of greeting: “I thank you for the fact that you have responded to my invitation to visit Smolensk region, and is sure that within today's meeting we will plan the points of growth on which there will be an effective interaction of the Hungarian and Smolensk agricultural producers”.

In turn, Sándor Fazekas has thanked the head of the region for his hospitality and has expressed confidence that cooperation between the Smolensk region and Hungary will be fruitful and highly effective.

According to the Federal Customs Service of Russia the foreign trade turnover of goods of Smolensk region with the Hungarian Republic has made 3,2 million US dollars in 9 months 2016, including, export – more than 1 million US dollars, import – 2,2 million US dollars. The import share in a foreign trade turnover with Hungary has made nearly 69% for January-September, 2016.

The participants of the bilateral meeting have discussed opportunities and the prospects of further cooperation in the sphere of agriculture. The deputy Governor Rostislav Rovbel has told about the directions of collaboration that already managed to be planned with representatives of the Hungarian business: “The first direction which we discuss now is a cultivation of corn in the territory of Smolensk region. We hope that we during negotiations will agree today about cooperation with the Hungarian company Woodstock - one of the world's largest the supplier of seeds of sunflower and corn.

Also we expect that we will agree about cooperation on livestock breeding production with representatives of the largest company Hunland Kft, it concerns both purchase of the cattle, and joint creation of a complex on cultivation of growth of young breeder in the territory of Smolensk region”.

One more perspective direction for future cooperation is creation of the Consulting training center for technological maintenance of a number of crops (corn, peas, vegetables, potatoes, etc.) and retraining of specialists of agrarian and industrial complex on the basis of the Smolensk agricultural academy.

Speaking about competitive advantages of the region, Alexey Ostrovskiy has emphasized: “We’ve got one of the most attractive investment legislations in the Russian Federation, we provide a large number of privileges and preferences for the investors realizing the business projects in Smolensk region, we allocate the land plots in some cases free of charge, we agree with the energy companies about the preferential modes of connection to power networks. The region is located in hundred kilometers from Moscow where 15 million people live, and in general territories where 60 million people live border on our region - it is huge sales market. Through our region there passes the route M1, best in the Russian Federation, - from the point of view of logistics it is also very convenient”.

In conclusion of the meeting Sándor Fazekas has confirmed intentions about further mutually beneficial cooperation: “I feel that there is very favorable environment for investments and for business in Smolensk region. I mean not only tax benefits for investors, but also aspiration to elimination of administrative barriers.

From the point of view of the historical importance, Smolensk is the important city for Hungarians, and we are interested in increasing a flow of the Hungarian tourists coming to the Smolensk land. Besides Hungary pays a tribute to progress of the Russian gastronomes who can make delicacies. There is a significant amount of the Russian restaurants and snackbars in Hungary, I consider that we can also cooperate in this direction in the future”.