The Smolensk region can boast a unique geographic location: on the one hand, it’s a region on the country’s border, so all the routes from Russia to Europe go through it; on the other hand, the region is very close to Moscow, the nation’s largest metropolitan city and the main distribution center (the distance from Smolensk to Moscow is 378 km, the distance from Gagarin to Moscow is 186 km).

The Smolensk region is a major transportation and communication hub. The following routes go through it:

- the transport corridor from East to West (it’s the shortest way from Russia to Europe), including the M-1 “Belarus” highway, the A-101 “Moscow-Bobruisk” highway, a railroad and the Russian export gas pipeline “Yamal-Europe”;

- the transport corridor from North to South going along the European border of Russia, comprising the A-141 “Oryol-Rudnya” highway, the Baltic pipeline (BTS-II) and other railways and highways.

The Smolensk region is characterized by an extensive network of highways and railroads. The total length of the public highways in the region amounts to 10.7 thousand kilometers. The total length of the public railroads is 1 259 km.

The largest transport hubs Smolensk, Vyazma and Roslavl are located at the crossing of the federal and regional highways and railroads.

Thanks to its outstanding geopolitical location and the availability of the necessary territorial resources and raw materials, as well as its considerable technical and intellectual potential and a developed transportation and communication network, the Smolensk region is one of the most promising and attractive regions for the manufacturing industry, for logistics and terminal facilities.

Over 300 investment sites have been established in the Smolensk region to welcome new businesses. The description of every investment site contains all the details about the category of the land plots and the ownership rights for them. It also states what they can be used for and what kinds of transportation, social and utilities infrastructures are available there.

To facilitate an easy choice of an appropriate land plot for a particular investment project, the investment map of the Smolensk region has been designed. This map represents a specialized information resource that promotes the investment potential of the Smolensk region.

The investment map of the Smolensk region contains detailed visual information about the region’s investment opportunities, its geography, social and economic situation, available investment sites in the region in relation to their geographic locations, their characteristics, and the investment passports of the municipal entities of the Smolensk region.

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