Investment area «Arhipovka»
LocationSmolensk region, Smolensk district, Smetaninskoye rural settlement to the north-west from Arkhipovka village 

Ownership formState property of Smolensk region 

Area20,87 ha                 

Land category

Agricultural lands


Horizontal surface

Distance to:

- Moscow 

- Smolensk

393 km                 

15 km

Access to the land plot

- by motor vehicles

Hard-surface road adjoins the plot

- by railway

Public railway roads «Vitebsk – Smolensk» are located at the distance of 4 km. The nearest stations are «Lelekvinskaya» and «416th km» (commuter rail traffic is regular)

Conditions for connection to utility inftrastructure

- gas supply

Can be connected to GDS «Gnezdovo», the maximum gas supply volume is 1500 m3/h, the distance to the nearest connection point is 0.5 km

- power supply

For the construction period the facility can be connected to VL-1012, 
Substation «Katyn – 2» (the plot stretch ~ 100 м) with power availability class III (provided that construction site capacity is 60 kW), for this purpose TP-10/0.4kV must be constructed. 
The facility can be connected with power availability class I (capacity 3.15 MW) if technologically connected by two 10kV high-voltage lines to 10kV busses of 110 kV Substation «Katyn – 2», 2 high voltage lines with the length of 8 km are required.

- water supply

Construction of local facilities is required