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North-West industrial zone Gagarin of city
1. Location:
- Smolensk region, Gagarin district, along the M-1 «Belarus» from the 168-th km to the 182-th km (left side) and from the 182-th km to the 178-th km from the 174-th km to the 173-th km (right side);
- distance to Smolensk – 239 km;
- distance to Moscow – 180 km;

2. Characteristics of site:
- lot size – 1005 hectares;
- category of land - agricultural land reserve land, state forest land, industrial land, land settlements.

3. Access roads:
- federal Highway M1 «Belarus» - 0 km. Passes along all investment areas ILK "Gagarin" with the exception of the investment platform number 3 (distance and / Road - 0.5 km). Highways M1 «Belarus» are offshoots local roads partially paved to the nearest towns (d.Staroe, d.Belkino, etc. Zaytsevo, etc. Reinforcing item (cricket), Samata village and the administrative center - Gagarin;
- railway station of «Russian Railways» in Gagarin town, the direction of the «Moscow-Minsk»:
vill. Samaty - Gagarin town - 15 km
vill. amplifying station (Svechkovo) – Gagarin town - 7,7 km
vill Zaitsevo - Gagarin town - 9,7 km
vill. Staroye - Gagarin town - 12,5 km
vill. Belkin - Gagarin town - 13,7 km

4. Engineering services:

electric power supply:
- maybe from the CSG - 10 kV Substation 110/10 kV «Trubnaya», by building line - 10 kV long (roughly) 3,3 km;
- the possibility of resolving power (without the upgrade of 110/10 kV «Trubnaya») - 5000 kW, the I-st reliability category
- the actual consumption of electricity at 110/10 kV «Trubnaya» for the year 2012 amounted to - 27 734,48 million kWh.

Gas supply system:
- 26.0 tys.m3/hour at a pressure of 0,3 MPa (in 2015 it is planned to transfer GDS «Gagarin» at pressure of 0,6 MPa, which will increase capacity to 50.06 tys.m3/hour;
- two high-pressure pipelines, (d = 90) near the village of Zaytsevo, vill. Staroe, vill. Usilitelny item (Svechkovo), possible consumption according to specifications;
- it is planned to build a high pressure gas pipeline for gas supply in vill. Belkin, vill. Rapovo, vill. Astahovo;

Water supply system:
- local facilities have to be constructed;

Telecommunication networks:
- on the territory of the sites there are: Connector FOC intrazonal, coaxial copper cable, copper trunk, a copper cable of the Ministry of Defence, the PPC «Belkin», a building line shop LTC-164.