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Application for business placement
Investor *
The presence of foreign capital in the project (name, country)
Post and registered address of investor *
Date, number and place of registration of investor *
Contact person *
Phone *
E-mail *
Full name of the project and its brief description *
Number of workplaces, including foreign *
Average salary *
Project investment volume *
Sources of project funding
Construction period and the date object input in operation *
The grounds for the object location
Area of the lot required *
Land category
Sanitary protection zone (m)
Power supply:
Power supply MVt *
Category of security *
Voltage level *
Gass supply:
m/year *
m/hour *
Pressure *
Water supply (m3/day)
Service-utility drainage (m3/day)
Disposal of storm sewage (l/sec.)
Proximity of the plot of land to the federal auto highways and railways
Proximity to federal border

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